Tiger Woods – Athlete of the Decade

It’s about time!!!

No, I’m not talking about that fact that Tiger won the award.  I think that any of the top 4 would have been worthy of the award.  The other three, in order of votes, were Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer, and Michael Phelps.

What is “about time” about this, is the fact that the voters were able to separate his personal life from his tremendous accomplishments in his sport.  Like him or hate him, Tiger was not only amazingly successful, he also rejuvenated an “old guy’s” sport.

Often times, we hold these sports greats to some higher standard, but they are just human like the rest of us with the same fallacies and problems and dilemmas.  Some more so.  While not a justification for what he did, these “stars” do become targets.  Some are just better than others at resisting temptation, while others fling themselves into it whole-heartedly.

I hope Tiger is able to get through the problems in his personal life and continue to add to his legacy in his sport.

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