It’s Cookie Time

originally posted 1/13/2009 9:58 pm

Well, my daughter joined a Daisy troop a few months ago and now it’s Cookie time.  Which leads me to this post… which is kind of related to the comment Dammun made to my Dontcha Hate It When post.  We’ve already told the troop leader that we’re not interested in sitting in any malls or camping out in front of stores.  Why do stores allow every organization that has something to sell or wants to pander for your money to harass their customers?  Do they think we enjoy it?  “Hey, honey, we need to go to the grocery store.  Which one has the Girls Scouts (or Boy Scouts or DAV or name-your-favorite-group) sitting out front of both doors hitting us up to buy from them on the way in and out of the store?  I really want to go there.”  NOT!!!


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