Ideating: Forced March Chickens

originally posted 10/2/2009 2:35 pm

This is the first in what will likely be a series of posts that I’m going to name by “borrowing” from IBM’s ad wizards:  Ideating.  No, we don’t get paid to lie around in a dark room with a pillow just to think stuff up.  Our ideating is water cooler chat, coffee talk, but not scuttlebutt as gossip doesn’t count as ideating.  Most of these topics don’t just spring up as random thoughts; rather, they are the end result of a chain of thoughts or discussions about some news/article/etc. someone saw or heard.

Yesterday we somehow we got on the topic of the organic food industry and the lack of regulation by the FDA and the lack of regulation of the different terms used to describe these products.  This lead to a “free range” chicken discussion and that I’d read a year or so ago that as long as the chickens were allowed to roam free for only thirty minutes a day, they could be called free range.  A co-worker pointed out that if all you do is leave the chickens a way to leave the coop, but feed them in the coop, they simply won’t leave… no motivation.  In the interest of having the chickens hit the range, I suggested an old toothless fox be introduced to the chicken coop.  The toothless fox would still try to catch the chickens, forcing them to flee the coop and get some “free ranging” in while trying to escape the fox.  While the fox may scare the chickens, it’s ultimately good for them…they get exercise and if the fox catches one, it gets a massage as the fox tries to gum it to death.

**Please note that most of our ideating isn’t going to be based on hard scientific facts and we don’t actually advocate harming animals and/or people.  These are just things we talk/joke about.

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