Dontcha Hate It When… The End Around at Work

originally posted 1/13/2009 7:58 am

…someone makes a request for you to do something and, as much as you’d like to help them out, it just isn’t the best idea –it doesn’t quite fit how or where they want.  You explain to them that it isn’t the best idea, make a suggestion on a better way to do it, and even go further by doing a couple things they hadn’t thought of to help further their goal, but that isn’t good enough for them.  They figure out who your boss is and go above your head.  Ok.  I understand, they just really want what they want, but when they go above your head, they suddenly have a slightly different story, more justification, more support, more authority, more whatever.


Dammun wrote (1/13/2009 2:35 pm):

I also hate going shopping, and just as I’m paying for my goods, I’m asked to donate to some Children’s or Homeless charity. And when I decline why I get stares from the employee as some sort of insensitive jerk? Not that I wouldn’t do would I could to help others, but maybe if you asked me before I spent my last $5 donating to some wildlife fund in the last store I was in 10 minutes ago I might contribute. I can’t keep doing this every store I go into otherwise I’m going to need my own benefit fund!

Old Bob wrote (1/13/2009 3:26 pm):
My recommendation is to go find them and threaten to rip their head off if they do it again…of course you may be looking for another job before long. People suck.


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