A few R.I.P.s

originally posted 9/24/2009 8:20 pm

Today, Patrick Swayze lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer.  While not all of his movies had the success of “Ghost” and “Dirty Dancing”, many did have a healthy following and got lots of replay value on the TV.  “Dirty Dancing” doesn’t do much for me.  “Ghost” is a great movie.  Two of my favorites are “Red Dawn” and “Road House”.  Two others off the top of my head that weren’t the best movies I’ve ever seen, but that I don’t have a problem watching again when they show up on cable are “Black Dog” and “Next of Kin”.  R.I.P. Patrick.
Read more about Patrick Swayze on Wikipedia:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Swayze

Another celebrity who died this summer that I failed to write about was Michael Jackson.  I’ve heard lots of people claiming he was the most talented musician/individual in the world.  I don’t know about that, but I do know that he wrote a lot of fantastic songs and could dance his butt off.  Who knows how many more hits he could have produced if he hadn’t run into the legal, monetary, and medical problems that plagued him since the Nineties.  I heard a statistic on one of the billion news segments dedicated to MJ after his death that said he was sued around 1500 times.  How ridiculous is that?  R.I.P. Michael.
Read more about Michael Jackson on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson

Probably the one celebrity who died this summer who had the biggest impact on my life was John Hughes.  Impact probably isn’t the right word, but for lack of a better one, I’ll use it.  “Sixteen Candles”, “Pretty in Pink”, “Weird Science”, and “The Breakfast Club” are not only great comedies, but they also showed Hughes’ ability to deal with some of the life issues of the American high schooler in the 80’s.  Other films that he wrote that I put on my list of films that rate somewhere between ‘will watch multiple times’ to ‘own it’ to ‘it’s a great film that everyone should see’ are “Vacation”, “Mr. Mom”, “Ferris Beuler’s Day Off”, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”, “The Great Outdoors”, “Uncle Buck”, “Home Alone”, “Curly Sue”, and “101 Dalmations [1996].”  R.I.P. John.
Read more about John Hughes on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hughes_%28filmmaker%29

Yet another “celebrity” that we lost this summer was Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy.  While I am not a fan of his and, in general, don’t agree with most of the things he championed, it can’t be denied that he was a very popular and influential senator.  R.I.P. Ted.
Read more about Ted Kennedy on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kennedy

I’m sure I’ve missed some of those who died this summer.  Some folks find it surprising how many people —”Celebrities”— have died this summer.  What we’ll likely see as the next few years march on is a greater number of “celebrities” dying.  This doesn’t necessarily indicate that more of them are dying, but that more of the folks who are dying are known to the general population due to the explosion in TV and movies since the 60’s/70’s.  For those I’ve missed, R.I.P.


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